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We believe in honesty

Products at the right price

“At Sanizon, we believe that helping others is a duty.” For this reason, we are committed to providing disposable masks and high-quality healthcare materials, at fair prices.

With our service, we want to get directly to people’s homes and to companies solving long-standing problems such as:

  • lack of availability of the product
  • having to go around looking for it, increasing the risk of infection
  • paying a disproportionate price

We think we can address these difficulties by offering the delivery of the ordered products directly to your home or office, paying it at a price very close to the factory one.


Taking advantage of others in times of need is speculation

We have read and seen in many newspapers and media about how, in this particular moment of need, the price of the protective masks and other related items have climbed disproportionately.

Furthermore, we learned from the television news that the scarcity of the products makes accessibility difficult, if not nearly impossible. It often happens that whoever is able to distribute them increases the price exorbitantly.

We believe that speculating on people’s health is mean: that’s why in Sanizon we are committed to reducing the costs of personal protective equipment by providing our own products at very low prices!

The advantages and certifications

The main advantages of choosing Sanizon as a supplier of individual protection devices such as masks and other items are high quality, cost-effectiveness and a wide range of products to choose from.Our website and catalog provide protective masks of different types and sizes suitable for each need.

We offer, among many products: disposable surgical masks, KN95 masks, and FFP2 – FFP3 masks also in Kids format, allowing you to protect children from the risk of infection.It is also possible to order gowns, disposable sterile medical clothing, gloves, disinfectants, and many other items always at competitive prices.


Certifications: guarantee of quality and efficacy

All our products are provided with the necessary certifications ensuring its quality and effectiveness and allowing the use as personal protective equipment.